White Beans

White beans are cultivated for their edible fruit, either as dry seed or the unripe fruit. Both of these are referred to as beans and belong to the legume family. A type of common bean, white beans are known by names like string bean, field bean, garden bean, snap bean etc. White beans, along with other common beans are produced in large quantities around the world in the Asian, African, European and South and North American countries. We offer quality white beans from Madagascar which are meticulously examined and packed as per customer requirement.

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White Beans

Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility /FT 20
White Beans Count: 230 – 250/100gms
Count: 210 – 230/100gms
Count: 180 - 210/100gms
Madagascar As per customer requirement 20 – 24MT

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White Beans Plantation

Well drained soil is tilled to prepare appropriate beds or rows for sowing white beans. Organic manure and compost is also introduced in to the soil to enrich the fertility of the soil. Being a legume plant, the white beans fix the nitrogen portion of the soil themselves. Once the planting is complete the fields are regularly watered and checked till the germination starts. It takes about 65 to 90 days for the white beans to mature after planting.


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