Vanilla Beans

Vanilla is derived from the flowers of genus Vanilla. It is known for the creamy sweet aroma and a scrumptious taste. Right vanilla comes from good vines after incorporating careful production methods. Madagascar is one the world's largest producers of vanilla. We export one of the finest vanilla orchids that can be incorporated in variety of industries for flavouring and enhancing food.

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Vanilla Beans

Quality Length Net Weight per Package Packaging
Gourmet vanilla beans 14 cm and plus 25 Kg A carton containing 5 plastic of vacuum bags of 5 kg – wrapped with a wax paper
Red vanilla beans – European Type- Whole and Split 12 cm  and plus 30 Kg A carton containing a plastic bag 30 kg of Vanilla beans – wrapped in a wax paper
Red vanilla beans- American Type - Whole and  Split 13 cm et plus 30 Kg A carton containing  a plastic bag 30 kg of Vanilla beans- and wrapped with a wax paper
Red vanilla beans – American type-short beans  Whole and  Split 10- 11-12 cm 25 Kg A carton containining a  plastic bag of 25 kg – and wrapped with a wax paper
CUTS   50 Kg A ppp bag of 50 kgs


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Vanilla Beans Plantation

Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron. It comes in various varieties and is a common ingredient used in custards, ice creams, bakery items and other recipes. Vanilla comes from the pods that are fruit of vanilla orchid growing on a vine like plant. The vine can grow up to 300 feet long, but for cultivation purposes it is pruned to grow to a height of 30 feet. It is the pod, frequently referred to as vanilla beans that is used for extracting vanilla we all know. The vanilla is scrapped out of the tiny black seeds encased in these pods.


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