Sugar is of utmost value for rendering sweetness and texture to food. It is extracted from cane sugar and refined into various forms after a complex milling process. We bring sugar that originates from world’s leading sugar producing countries, under stringent quality checks. Among all the sugar importers in Madagascar, we offer best prices, timely and reliable delivery for sugar buyers in this region.

Apart from table purposes, sugar is extensively used in the bakery, confectionery and juice making industries. Super Africa Products is one of the leading importers of sugar which is granulated and high quality for distribution across Madagascar.

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Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility /FT 20
White Refined Sugar 45 ICUMSA Brazil, Thai, India 50kg pp bags 20 - 25MT
Raw Sugar (Brown) 600 – 800 ICUMSA

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Sugarcane is a hardy crop that grows well in tropical and subtropical regions. The sweet grainy, white crystals that we know as sugar is extracted from sugarcane after an elaborate processing. The plant grows in cylindrical stalks that reach a height of 6-7 meters. Sugarcane grows extensively in Central and South America, India, Caribbean region, Australia, Central and South Africa, the Pacific Islands, Mauritius and the southern United States.


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 Super Africa Products is a fast evolving agro company that aspires to create its mark in the Madagascar market. We have a strong, enthusiastic and well-seasoned team to handle customer requests. We focus on delivering quality products, in a timely manner and at the most competitive price. Our strength lies in having a really strong supplier network around the world. We have tie-ups in countries like UAE, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, India and Myanmar. This helps us to be a truly global company. We are simple people and honour what we commit.