Super Africa Products is one of the major rice importers in Madagascar; bringing quality that meets international standards. Rice import has been increasing in Madagascar, seeing the growing demands in recent years.

Rice, an edible grain is a standard staple food for world’s one-half population. The grains from rice plant are milled and chaffed to obtain the starchy cereal grain. Rice is truly one of the most versatile grains around the world with over 40,000 different varieties known, worldwide. Our tie-ups across the world help us to import rice of premium quality from finest farms for further distribution within Madagascar.

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Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility /FT 20
Rice 25% and 5% broken, sortexed / non-sortexed rice India, Pakistan 50 kg pp bags 26MT

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Rice Plantation

Rice grows well in high rainfall areas, but over the years it has adapted to other soil and climate conditions as well. While rice can grow on dry land, the paddy system for cultivation of rice is more popular for its productivity and higher yield. The fields are flooded with water to reach a depth of few inches approximately.


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 Super Africa Products is a fast evolving agro company that aspires to create its mark in the Madagascar market. We have a strong, enthusiastic and well-seasoned team to handle customer requests. We focus on delivering quality products, in a timely manner and at the most competitive price. Our strength lies in having a really strong supplier network around the world. We have tie-ups in countries like UAE, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, India and Myanmar. This helps us to be a truly global company. We are simple people and honour what we commit.