Peanuts are part of legume family and not a nut which it is believed to be. Popular as groundnuts, peanuts are also known by pygmy nuts, earthnuts, monkey nuts, goober peas and pig nuts. Peanuts pods mature from ground flower by burrowing inside the ground. The shells or the pods bear two to three peanut kernels. Besides its use in oil extraction, peanuts are used commercially in sandwiches, candies and bakery products.

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Varieties Specification Origin Packaging FCL 20'
Madagascar Peanut Count 70/80, Runners

Moisture: 7%
Madagascar 50kg pp/jute bags 18 MT

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Peanuts Plantation

Loose, well-drained loamy soil is considered most suitable for the growth of peanuts. Most varieties of peanuts grow well in dry conditions, but few require good irrigation conditions. Frost can be damaging for the growth of the plants. Hence the summer and spring time is best for planting. Peanuts are grown in rotation with other crops to maintain the yield.


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