The Launch of Super Africa Products

(February 2014) – It is the launch of Super Africa Products, a local company with global presence. The team is elated to see the outcome of months of hardwork and dedication they had put into it. The Company was eyeing Africa as one of the most growing markets in terms of import and export of food products. The product diversity looked promising, so setting a base here was a strategic step. Super Africa Products focuses on long term goals and business relations to gain the trust of suppliers who look for stability, consistency and quality in supply.

Exploring Madagascar

(March 2014) – The team is happy as the office of Super Africa Products begins operations. Madagascar is located off the coast of East Africa and is home to most exotic varieties of beans, spices and other agro commodities. The Super Africa Products team has been out, traveling the dusty roads of Madagascar, visiting farms to check the crop quality and its availability.

Madagascar is one of the largest producers of natural vanilla, supplying 60 percent of it to the world. Apart from vanilla other products found here includes - spices, beans, exotic fruits, sugarcane, cocoa, rice, beans, bananas and livestock products. The team is exploring the rich agro diversity here so that it can be incorporated in the product line of Super Africa Products.

Hot Products

 Super Africa Products is a fast evolving agro company that aspires to create its mark in the Madagascar market. We have a strong, enthusiastic and well-seasoned team to handle customer requests. We focus on delivering quality products, in a timely manner and at the most competitive price. Our strength lies in having a really strong supplier network around the world. We have tie-ups in countries like UAE, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, India and Myanmar. This helps us to be a truly global company. We are simple people and honour what we commit.