Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans are extracted from the pods that grow straight out of the cocoa tree trunk. The cocoa pods mature into a rich, golden-orange colour when ripe. The tree which bears approximately 20-30 pods per year is carefully pruned for harvest. The cocoa beans are encased in white pulp. After passing through a really elaborate process, the raw beans become fit for use in confectionery, bakery and chocolate making industry. Super Africa Products brings the best of cocoa beans from plantations of Madagascar.

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Cocoa Beans

Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility /FT 20
Cocoa Beans Count 90 to 110 per 100g
Moisture 10% max
Damaged max 1%
Madagascar 50kg pp bags 20' 12MT
40' 25MT

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Cocoa Beans Plantation

Cocoa, known as the ‘food of the Gods’ is one of the most popular crop that is grown in the tropical regions of the world. Proper shelter from direct sun and wind is required for cocoa tree to thrive, which is quite delicate. Cocoa grows well on wide range of soil types, but it is the free draining soil that has good capacity to retain moisture which is considered most suitable for cocoa plantations.


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