Cloves Stem

We offer cloves stem, having exquisitely strong aroma and sharp taste. Clove Stems are collected from the stems of the clove bud flower. They are harvested not just for the taste, but for the essential oil in it. Cloves stems are extensively used in the making of fragrances, candles, soap and perfume manufacturing industries.

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Cloves Stem

Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility /FT 20
CG3 Field Admixture: 2% Madagascar 50 kg pp bags 10 mt/20FT and 23 mt/40FT

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Clove Stem Plantation

Cloves being a tropical tree require warm humid climate to grow. The cultivation of cloves is best suited in loamy soil that is high in humus content, but it also grows well in laterite soil and black soil having a good drainage system. The seeds of cloves come from ripened fruit that is known as 'mother of clove'.


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