Black Pepper

Black pepper is basically a flowering vine which bears the fruit known as peppercorn. It is this fruit that is dried and used as a spice for seasoning purposes. When the fruit is fully mature, it appears as a dark seed with wrinkled outer skin. Peppercorns or ground pepper are simply referred to as pepper. As one of the most traded spice in the world, black pepper has been very popular throughout the history. That is why Super Africa Products brings only premium quality black pepper from Madagascar.

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Black Pepper

Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility /FT 20
500, 550gl Moisture 13%, Admixute 2% Madagascar 50 Kgs Jute Bags 12 - 13 / 20FT

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Black Pepper Plantation

Pepper plants are source to popular black pepper. An evergreen perennial vine, black pepper grows well in hot humid areas that experience high rainfall. It is the fruit berries borne by pepper vine that is extracted for black pepper.

Good structure and water holding capacity suits the cultivation of pepper. Proper spacing between field plants with appropriate strong support for the vines should be made because the average life of pepper plant is twenty years. It is important to regularly introduce organic content to the soil and keep it damp.


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